A bejewelled history since 1977.

An emblem of niche jewellery, Alfieri & St.John made its debut in the world of precious stones in 1977, breaking all the rules of traditional jewellery. Futuristic shapes, coloured enamels, sought-after stones, unusual materials: from its beginnings, the brand has displayed a particular predisposition for enhancing and proposing products at the cutting edge, devising little masterpieces of design and inventiveness.


Since then, Alfieri & St.John has always remained faithful to its “inspiration”, becoming a benchmark of contemporary jewellery, thanks to its unrivalled range, in which the unusual juxtaposition of shapes, colours and the choice of uncommon materials have always been transformed into extraordinary creations, forming lively collections designed for women who do not wish to go unnoticed.

The thoughts, memories and emotions that each one of them keep secret but always close to the heart are brought to life through Alfieri & St.John's collections.

Every collection takes its name from important and significant historical dates for the brand and for humanity, creating an allegorical historical-artistic relationship that speaks of personal successes and cultural renaissances that have profoundly changed the way that reality is perceived.

Behind each of the brand’s jewels, the concept of the "unusual" takes on a leading role and pursues a precise direction that reveals the continuous research and avant-garde creativity, able to renew shapes, redraw spaces and invent new combinations of materials and colours.

All Alfieri & St.John’s gems are masterpieces of style that are created as the utmost expression of the passion and mastery of Italian goldsmiths and stand as rare examples of excellence and quality. These values are recognised and appreciated throughout the world where Made in Italy has always been synonymous for absolute perfection and maniacal care over the details.

The A in Alfieri & St.John.

Audacious, anti-conformist, ambitious… every woman is unique, every woman deserves her Alfieri & St.John collection.

Creations that speak of strong personalities, whisper emotions, reveal hidden stories.

They display whole chapters of life, relate secret thoughts, they are inimitable jewels that mirror the character of each wearer.

With Alfieri & St.John, appearance becomes the affirmation of the self and the woman magically becomes the authentic protagonist of her present.

The dream starts here

The world of Alfieri & St.John jewels meets women desires through its exclusive shop in shops inside the Luxury Zone boutiques and in the best jewellery stores selected all over Italy and worldwide.

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